Second Hand Refurbished Lifts from Terry Lifts

Second Hand Refurbished Lifts

Second Hand Refurbished Lifts

Second Hand Refurbished Lifts

Terry Lifts are often asked to remove a lift from a home, for example when a user is no longer resident. These wheelchair platform lifts are often in excellent condition and have been regularly maintained by our service and repair teams. They are then carefully removed by our engineers and brought back to our used lift storage facility. This web site provides more information on how you get buy second hand refurbished lifts.

Buying Second hand Refurbished Lifts from Terry Lifts

The price of all our refurbished lifts includes installation and six months manufacturer’s warranty. The cost of the lift installation is dependent on any preparation needed prior to installation. For this reason, we cannot provide you with a price until we have carried out a free no obligation survey of the proposed location for the lift.

Once the survey has been carried out and you have placed an order, the lift will go into our production facility, where it will be fully tested and refurbished. You can be sure the refurbished lift will give you years of serviceable life.

We refurbish and supply the following lifts:

Typically Terry second hand refurbished lifts are available at a 40% discount to our retail and trade price lists.

Our stock is continually changing and we only refurbish a lift through our manufacturing facility when we receive an order. This means that when the lift leaves the factory it has been tested and we are able to offer a full 6 months warranty on it.

Call 0845 365 5366 if you require further information or would like one of our sales team to give you a free no-obligation survey. This is so that we can give a complete price including any preparatory work needed to accommodate the lift.

If you are Terry Lifts approved agent then please contact your direct contact in our sales team for more information on our current stock.

About Terry Lifts

Terry Group are a manufacturer of disabled access solutions. They offer a one stop solution to wheel chair users with through the floor lifts, internal and external platform lifts and platform stair lifts.
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3 Responses to Second Hand Refurbished Lifts from Terry Lifts

  1. Miles Snowdon Design says:

    Looking for a 2nd hand wheelchair step-lift for a client. Rise 1.400 m Please get back to me either by email or 01392 860415

  2. Sarah Williamson says:

    I understand that you charge to remove lifts when the person for whom thy are installed is no longer resident. Often because they have died. You will then re-furbish and sell these lifts. Is this a profit making activity? And if so do you consider it to be moral?

  3. Terry Lifts says:

    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    The cost of the removal of the lift is to return the property to a state ready for decoration as the hole in the ceiling/floor needs to be filled and the ceiling repaired. We return the part of the room where the lift was to the point where is simply needs redecoration. This can often require a number of skilled trades people to do this. The removed lift at this stage cannot be simply fitted back into another property.

    As the manufacturer we cannot refit the lift that we have taken out as we need to provide a warranty. At this point the removed lift has no value.

    So that we can provide a full manufacturer 6 month warranty and the option for a warranty for up to 3 years we fully refurbish all second lifts that we sell. This means it is disassembled and all parts checked and major parts are refurbished to current specifications. Any items such as circuit boards which are not up to current issue levels are replaced as are all serviceable items. All components are then fully retested as though it was a new lift. The lift is repacked in the same manner as a new lift, with all new consumable parts ready for despatch and installation. It is then given a full 6 month manufacturer’s warranty.

    We believe this provides the best value for the customer as the cost is to cover the refurbishment and warranty for the lift and allows somebody who can’t afford a new lift to have a refurbished lift secure in the knowledge that it is safe and refurbished to current standards.

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