Reconditioned Through Floor Lifts: Terry Lifts Harmony: LOH06139 – SOLD

Reconditioned Through Floor Lifts

Reconditioned Through Floor Lifts: Terry Lifts Harmony representative photo

Reconditioned Through Floor Lifts: Terry Lifts Harmony representative photo

Terry Lifts is offering reconditioned through floor lifts with full manufacturer’s 6 month warranty and the option to extend the warranty to 1, 2 or 3 years.

Standard features of the Harmony Wheelchair Reconditioned Through Floor Lifts:

  • Manufactured and tested to BS5900.
  • Half-hour fire integrity maintained in ceiling/floor irrespective of whether the lift is parked upstairs or downstairs.
  • Control stations in car and at both floors, which include direction, stop and door open/close control.
  • In event of power failure, battery back-up system allows operation of car in the down direction by normal controls with all safety systems in operation.
  • The car is fitted with a light which comes on when the lift is called.
  • Automatic safety edges which will stop the lift instantly if the lift touches an obstruction
  • Automatic door locking feature

Features of the Reconditioned Through Floor Lifts on Offer:

  • Standard sling (i.e. designed to fit an average property)
  • Standard car (Internal dimensions of 1030mm by 710mm)
  • Left hand (gate is hinged on the left as you look at it) This can be re-handed.
  • Phase 1 (manufactured prior to 2010)
  • Please quote lift reference:  This lift has now been sold


The lift is reconditioned and is supplied and installed with a 6 month manufacturer’s warranty.

Prior to installation, the lift is fully reconditioned in the factory with each part being cleaned, checked, tested and replaced if required. Critical parts are re-certified.

The cost of the reconditioned lift is 60% of the list price. As each installation is different we need to carry out a free of charge no-obligation survey of the property before we can confirm the total price of the lift including the preparatory building work .

To get your free of charge, no-obligation survey please call 0845 365 5366.

More information:

Further details of the latest versions of this lift can be found at:

About Terry Lifts

Terry Group are a manufacturer of disabled access solutions. They offer a one stop solution to wheel chair users with through the floor lifts, internal and external platform lifts and platform stair lifts.
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2 Responses to Reconditioned Through Floor Lifts: Terry Lifts Harmony: LOH06139 – SOLD

  1. Chetna Patel says:


    Are you able to give an estimate of how much the above lift would coast and how much to install please?

    All the best

    • Terry Lifts says:

      Chetna, although the lift itself has a fixed price the cost of installation varies depending on what preparatory work needs to be done. Would it be possible to call customer services on 0845 365 5366 and one of our engineers can talk you through what you need and they will be able to give you a budget price?

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