Platform Lift (Up to 1m)

Platform Lift

Platform Lift - TSL1000 Domestic Wheelchair Lift - Representative Photo

Platform Lift – TSL1000 Domestic Wheelchair Lift – Representative Photo

Terry Lifts are offering reconditioned TSL 1000 domestic platform wheelchair  lifts with full manufacturer’s 6 month warranty and the option to extend the warranty to 1, 2 or 3 years.

As Terry Lifts is the original manufacturer, all our second hand TSL1000 homelifts have been reconditioned in the factory with new parts fitted where appropriate to bring the lift to current specification. Each TSL 1000 platform lift comes with a 6 month full manufacturer’s warranty. You may find cheaper second hand platform lifts on the Internet but Terry Lifts is the only company which can offer fully reconditioned Terry Lifts in the factory where the lift was originally manufactured.

Benefits of a TSL1000 Domestic Wheelchair Steplift

  • Practical – provides both wheelchair and pedestrian access at the same doorway – inside or outside.
  • Easy to Use – convenient controls (remote option available) and shallow approach ramp.
  • Easy installation – self contained unit is suitable for mounting on a flat 100mm concrete base and can be installed in less than a day.
  • Cost Effective – often cheaper than a ramp and can be re-sited.
  • Reliable – battery back-up provides normal operation (up to 30 cycles) in case of power cut.
  • Low Maintenance – annual servicing recommended. Maintenance contract available.
  • Safe – built in the UK to BS 6440 by a Company with over 30 years’ experience in mobility and access products.
  • Versatile – the lift will travel up to 1000mm with upper gate protection or 960mm with a triple bridge unit.
  • Unobtrusive – blends into its surrounding.

Standard Specification

  • Application range: can be sited internally or externally for wheelchair users only
  • Maximum safe working load: 250kg
  • Closed height: 75mm
  • Maximum height served: 1000mm
  • Power supply electrical requirements: 220 / 240V~50 / 60 Hz 13A single phase
  • Low voltage control system: 24V DC
  • Operating temperature range: -10 degrees C to 40 degrees C
  • Safety: automatic wheelchair arrestor mechanism and full battery back-up. Constant pressure controls
  • Drive: bellows enclosed hydraulic scissor mechanism


Our platform lifts are reconditioned and are supplied and installed with a 6 month manufacturer’s warranty.

The cost of the reconditioned platform lift is 60% of the list price. As each installation is different we need to carry out a free of charge no-obligation survey of the property before we can confirm the total price of the lift including the preparatory building work .

To get your free of charge, no-obligation survey please call 0845 365 5366.

More information:

Further details of the latest versions of this lift can be found at:

6 Responses to Platform Lift (Up to 1m)

  1. Mark james says:

    We are looking for a platform lift to raise my son in laws wheelchair to the height of his front door, 750mm from the path. His house is a victorian terrace house in London, and he plans to move back to his home from hospital in about 7-8 weeks. They plan to use the lift for about six months or so at the end of which they will sell the house and want to be able to remove the lift. At that stage they would hope to get some return by selling it, perhaps back to you ?

    • Terry Lifts says:

      Thank you for your enquiry. It sounds like the most suitable lift would be the TSL1000, you can find more information on this type of lift here I have sent you an email to ask for your contact telephone number so we can get more information from you and provide a budget quotation. Alternatively you can call our customer services team on 0845 365 5366.

    • Franklin says:

      I have a TSL1000 that was installed in 2008 and used by my parents who are no longer with us. It is in good working conditions, and is available for sale at a reasonable price.

      • Terry Lifts says:

        At this moment in time we don’t buy back lifts as we have quite a few in stock. There are number of resellers of second hand lifts on ebay and so it may be worth contacting them to see if they are interested. There are a considerable number of safety systems on the lift and so for the lift to have any value once it has been removed, please ensure a registered member of LEIA does the removal.

  2. hithendra cheetirala says:

    Hi there, I am looking for a reconditioned platform (1 Mtr) lift for a commercial operated shop. I am based in Central Scotland.

    • Henna says:

      Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately I need to inform you that we do not sell second-hand lifts for commercial use. If you would like to see our wide range of new platform lifts, please visit our website and do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 365 5366 if we can be of any further assistance.

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